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12:14 | May 1, 2017



Shuu! Idag är det första dagen på min absoluta favoritmånad! Det firar vi med en liten mysig intervju med mig som ni hittar HÄR


2 Responses to “ALIX KIND OF GIRL”

  1. Gloria South on

    You don’t know me, and I’m not certain if you recognize the photo below, which was taken in front of my then apartment with my phone….unbeknownst to me – by my former husband of 23 years.

    If it isn’t you in the photo, which he obviously wanted me to see (as if I gave a damn: I really don’t) please disregard this missive and hit DELETE. I TRIED POSTING THE PHOTO OF YPU IN A WHITE TOYOTA LICENSE PLATE KBY 3970 – But this format would not allow me to post it. I’ll put it on my Facebook page. Gloria South…

    For context, he ghosted me on Christmas Eve, leaving with a Russian colleague from work, as usual lying to me by saying he’d be back to enjoy the meal I was cooking for him…but never returned.

    Until March 21st when apparently he and his gf had a lover’s quarrel, when he broke my bedroom window to enter and stay for 10 long, miserable days. He made my life a living hell during this time.

    This photo of him getting in the car was taken on March 29th during that time, while I was apparently otherwise engaged and completely unaware he had stolen my phone in order to make me jealous, I suppose.

    Nor was I aware at the time that he had stolen from my bank account for many years, even putting his repossessed car fraudulently in my name. He stole and forged my checks, fraudulently transferred money out of my bank acct, made many withdrawals, even rented an apt while living with me, and rented a moving truck with my money, all while I was too ill to check on these matters. As far as I naively and stupidly thought, I could trust him, although there were many red flags I was simply too ill to worry about (I’ve been severely ill since I turned 30). Additionally, he pretended to adore me and promised to always take care of me, as I had him for over two decades. He constantly referred to himself as my caretaker.yet abandoned me without ever looking back.

    Unfortunately, he’s a common criminal and I have no idea why a girl such as yourself would be interested in such a lowlife. He has ruined my life completely. We had five cats together which I lost along with my apt he had us evicted from. He acted as they were his life for the eleven years we had them, with long convos about taking them in and he swore a thousand times he would always care for them. They, like me, after all, were his FAMILY. Pathological liar is what he is. NOTHING HE SAYS RESEMBLES THE TRUTH OR REALITY..

    Right before Christmas 2017 I came across a wide array of child pornography. He had long not been interested in me and made comments all along he didn’t like breasts or butts on women. Now I know why. I have reported this to the FBI who were very interested in this matter. He now lives with a women and her little girl, although he swears she has no daughter, I’ve seen enough photos of the 11 year old to know she is his type. Very worrisome.

    I supported this man through thick and thin…emotionally, financially, lovingly. I’m from Germany originally and a hard worker, the very opposite of him…he is by far the laziest man and most misogynistic user of women I’ve ever met.

    Just thought you should know just a little bit about this two -bit con artist. I’m currently homeless due to his purposely and cruelly having me evicted from my home, yet even now he’s still hacking into my computer trying to access money I don’t even have and trying to infect my device with viruses.

    If it is indeed you in this photo and you know him, if I were you, I’d stay as far away from him as possible. Do as you please, but rest assured I can prove every allegation that I have made to you and beyond. The woman he is with is a psychopathic narcissist just as he is and completely unconcerned about his nefarious influence on her daughter. You seem to have more going for you, but who knows? I told her everything I know and in spite of the fact he was fired from their mutual employment for stealing and he has no job, belongings, clothes, credit, morals, integrity and he’s a pedophile, she is still with him.

    He even had her come to see me and she out on quite a violent show. Even though they were living together he pretended not to know her. They are both crazier than loons and a perfect pair!

    I loved him once or thought I did but I’ve never even heard of anyone more cruel or evil, aside from perhaps a murderer. I wouldn’t be so sure he’s not capable of that as well. He even extorted money from his own mother pretending to be me.

    By the way, he admits I never lied to him nor disappointed him in 23 years. So you can believe every word I’ve written.

    Good luck to you.

    Gloria South

    PS. Feel free to share this with him if you want. I just look forward to justice as he faces 80 plus years in prison which I will die making certain happens. I don’t care about revenge. I want justice! (By the way, the judge has discretion regarding cruelty towards a disabled person.)

    The photo in question…

    March 29, 2018 at 10:05 am


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