11:43 | June 18, 2012






Såhär såg jag ut för några dagar sedan.

Denim vest – Mom’s old Levi’s jacket  /  Angora sweater – Nowhere /  Shorts – HM  /  Bag – Urban Outfitters /  Glasses – Urban Outfitters

Pics by / Rami Hannah


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  1. Aaron on

    I keep having trouble with the freshnet blog here Elsa, I do have an old computer with limited disk space, but I want to read your blog but it when it’s loading the page here it sometimes just like stops or freezes up and then I have to exit the whole thing.
    You’re really beautiful Elsa. I’m sorry to hear about the sickness of your loved one. I wish very much the best for a good outcome and recovery.
    Hug and much love


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